Buyouts & Liquidations


Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. may be able to offer you an estate buyout.

A buyout occurs when a dealer purchases everything in a house for a wholesale price. The task of organizing personal property to maximize its value can seem overwhelming and many people simply do not have the time. If the personal property is located in a storage facility, co-op, condominium, or apartment house where estate sales are not permitted, heirs or executors can think their only option is a buyout. While a buyout seems like the quickest way to liquidate personal property, Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. offers ways to empty a house which are as fast but more profitable. These options are Consignment to Estate Sales, Auction Placement Services, and Internet Services.

A buyout should only be considered when immediate cash needs to be raised or the value of the items to be sold is determined to be so marginal that taking the time required to pursue maximizing its value with other options is not cost effective. Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. provides its clients with a comprehensive Buyout Service that purchases the personal property that needs to be liquidated and leaves the premises broom clean.


Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. offers a consignment service for our clients who do not have enough items to host a traditional Estate Sale. We will inventory and remove the consignment items to our facility and sell them direct or at another Estate Sale. Typical time frame for a consignment is 60 days. Let us help you maximize the value of your items.


Granite Bay Estate Sale Inc. leaves the home broom clean. When additional cleaning is requested we offer a variety of services to assist you. From total move out cleaning which includes windows & carpet cleaning to just a light general cleaning we can accommodate your needs and prepare the home for occupancy. Our cleaning service is licensed and insured for your confidence.