As you may have discovered, getting organized for a sale is not an easy task. We have years of experience to guide your sale and bring the highest possible return for your items.

Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. will manage and conduct your sale or liquidation event from beginning to end with no upfront cost to you.

At all of our sales, regardless of whether it’s a home or business, we perform the following:


  • A free upfront consultation to determine the best plan of action for your needs.
  • All items will be carefully displayed in their relevant categories with current market value pricing attached to each item.
  • The necessary personnel to conduct your liquidation or estate sale will be provided to ensure a smooth sale.
  • To make sure you have a highly successful sale, Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. will properly advertise and promote your sale including our existing presale list.
  • On the days of the sale it will provide vibrant signs directing traffic to your sale.
  • After the sale it will remove any remaining goods per your instructions.
  • Your home will be cleaned out and ready for closing (additional costs may apply).



Whether it’s a private or commercial liquidation or buyout, we’ll work with you to determine the best method to sell your contents for the highest return within the timeline you want. 



Getting organized is a lot of work and we’ll help organize your items and sell what is no longer needed while helping you to organize your remaining items. 



We are a community minded organization and can help coordinate fundraiser sales for churches, schools, or non-profit organizations. 



Moving to a smaller home is sometimes not the easiest move. We’ll help you organize all your items to ensure that what’s important for memories, comfort, and logistics in the next location is ready to go. We’ll assist with selling or transferring the remaining items to their next place of use and organize and clean the existing home. 



Sometimes you’ve just accumulated too much stuff and need to declutter the house and actually park in the garage again. Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. will meet with you and organize your items for the sale which will get your house back into harmony and put money in your pocket. 



 Granite Bay Estate Sales Inc. will organize and sell either part or all of an estate. We’ll meet with you to determine exactly what’s needed and a timeline for meeting your goals.